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our water walls
In March 2018 The Men's Shed Auckland East was approached by Mount Richmond Special School and asked if a water play wall could be designed by us.
We started by searching ‘Youtube’ for Water Wall videos.

Once we got some general ideas we set about the design. After playing around with some rain water gutter donated from Marley NZ we arrived at a workable model, shown below.

As word spread we were approached by other interested parties to build more water walls.

During the building phases we made improvements along the way, not just the basic design lay out, but also made modifications to the spinning wheels and added a tipping pipe.

The board size is 1200mm X 1200mm. We can also quote for a Water Wall to be built to your size and specifications.

The water channel is donated by Marley NZ.
All other materials are sourced and supplied by the Men's Shed.

Please contact us if you would like us to make you one. We also offer free delivery in the Auckland area.
Water Play Wall 1
Water Play Wall 1

This first wall for Mount Richmond special needs school was built on a 1.8m x 1.2m 12mm ply.
The gutter was Marly Stormline. With canvas murals framed and fitted.
The vane spinner made from 10mm clear acrylic sheet.
The water pipe and fittings are 20mm plastic electrical conduit sourced from “Bunnings”, and connect to the sump pump using 28mm clear flexible irrigation pipe.

Water Play Wall 16
Water Play Wall 16

This wall number 16 has gutter channels made from 80mm diameter Marly down pipe.
The pipe is sliced to make 2 half gutters.
The gutter support brackets are made from 20mm fence panels which are weather treated.
The vane spinner are made from 40mm plastic conduit.
The left spinner is made using standard stainless steel desert spoons, cut to fit mounting wheel and glued into pre-drilled holes using a hot glue gun.

Cockle Bay School double Water Wall
Cockle Bay School double Water Wall

These 2 water walls were built so more children could use them at a time.
The left one has the pump on the left and the right one the pump on the right.
The path has a slope, which was useful, as short children can use the left Water Wall with taller children using the right Water Wall.